Here is a selct number of interviews done over the years with various media.

Interview requests should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..If you want to interview a specific member(s), please state so in your request. Interviews are accepted through e-mail, skype, phone or personal meeting in Stockholm or if the band is out touring/travelling.


"I guess that says quite a bit about us as people. We are passionate and we need constant inspiration, and we want to see ourselves making the band better constantly, and we felt we had done the same thing for a bit too long."

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2015-07-22 Play Dead Nation

"All in the band share a profound appreciation of the Scandinavian black and death metal underground. We all think that the most innovative and interesting extreme metal was recorded somewhere between 1989-1994. So it is very natural for us to drink from that well of influences in what we do."

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2013-12-13 Battlehelm

"We have strived to also have interesting and fitting artwork and I think for our releases “Abysmal Allure” and “The Ferocious Tides Of Fate” we have very good and befitting artwork. In both cases we used classical paintings that I actually had in mind when writing the lyrics and titles for these releases."

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2008-12 Metal Hammer Russia (English and Russian version)

"He hadn’t slept for 24 hours when he came, and he didn’t sleep there, so he was just slapping his face to stay awake and drank a lot of coffee. And I’ve never seen or met anybody that hard-working within the music scene ever, so I was really blown away by the sheer energy of this guy and his professionalism."

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2008-09-28 Revolution Inc

"I came up with the name Netherbird since I wanted our band to have a name that makes it a bit different from the usual band names of metal bands and also open for interpretation. The idea was to capture some of the ideals that we all share in the band and those could perhaps be explained as fundness for dark things, the strive for freedom and that we see beauty in things many people (the grey mass) find strange."

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Without light, no darkness

Without art, no beauty. Without music, no emotion. Without poetry, no meaning.