Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Grim

All aboard this ship bound for wreckage
Sail ho, fuckers!

Who could foresee that this state of mind was forever
That we would never wake up from our nightmares

That the black poison dripped onto our skin would burn us
That the clean streams of time wouldn’t be able to wash it away

Once these robes were worn as masquerade costumes
The smooth velvet reviled hooks and razor claws
That would not come off, cutting into the skin
The harder we pulled the deeper its barbs dug in…

Until death do us part my fair ones
We’re the kings and queens of the depraved undone
In the filthy streets, our splendid court, this neon Babylon

We are the stars that refuse to shine
No ships will navigate by our signs
We are the tones that distort the chord
In a world of perfection we are the flawed

We are the birds with broken wings
The useless ones, we don’t believe in anything
We believe in no gods left high above
And there will be no angels where we go

We are the ashen nectar,
We are the tainted well
We are the ashen nectar
Side by side we watch the world go by
We are the ashen nectar
The last poets of a dying breed
We are the ashen nectar
Our skins our canvases, our paint the blood we bleed

All words were first spoken then stolen
Onto paper splattered
By the weakened hand in the dark room
Visions and a life lay scattered

We are suns bent for darkness
The stars that refuse to shine
Artists of a different kind
The ones that leave nothing behind

There is no clean white bed for this dying bride

We left our last pieces to be lost
In forgotten dusty attics
Where our blood has dried
We were the ashen nectar fanatics

There will nothing left when we leave
Our shadowy art will remain unseen
As we step through the haze
Silhouettes exiting this dream