Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Grim

Forever darkness
Forever rain
Forever mournful
I will remain

Forever darkness
Forever falling rain
Forever mournful
I stand alone and so I will remain

The world is changing
Nothing stays the same
Forever eroding
Only I seem to remain
I stand still, dead and cold
A statue of stone, so black and alone

Time cuts wounds that never heal
Forgot how it was like to feel
What it was like to believe
How life used to be
I turned dark
I grew cold
I turned to stone

I’ve seen so many souls come
And I’ve seen them all go
I have seen so many gods rise
And I will see them all fall

This soul is too frozen
These limbs are so worn
This heart is too tired
This soul is too torn



I am mournful in this void of laughter
I am stone in this realm of flesh
All I see around me is a ghost dance
Frozen in a world that slowly changes
Destroying all I ever needed to believe
I stand forgotten and overgrown by grief

Let the Nordic thunder roar