Released July 2nd 2010 by Scarecrow Recordings

1. Looming Majesty
2. White Noise Sky In Overdrive
3. The Faraway View
4. A Shadow In The Garden Of Darkness
5. Strindbergian Fire
6. The Weight Of Vapour
7. At The Bottom Of The Crystal Artery
8. In The Eyes Of Time
9. Across The Chasm

Recording Line-up
Nephente – vocals
Bizmark - guitars and keyboards
Johan Nord - guitars and vocals
Tobias Gustafsson - Bass and vocals
Adrian Erlandsson - Drums

Monument Black Colossal has been recorded at Scarecrow Studio during 2010.

All tracks recorded and mixed by PNA and Johan Nordin
Produced by PNA
Mastered by PNA

Artwork - Necrolord
Layout - Nephente