All tracks of this EP are included on "Hymns From Realms Yonder (BLOD109CD)" released May 5th 2017 on Black Lodge Records.

Covered in Darkness EP was first made available as a free download release on the 15th of December 2009.

1. As I Die (Paradise Lost cover)
2. Nepenthe (Sentenced cover)
3. Alison Hell (Annihilator cover)
4. Firmament Vacation (The Soundtrack of our Lives cover)

Line up
Nephente - Vocals
Bizmark - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
David Preissel - Drums
Artur - Lead guitars (on track 2)
Tinitus Lead guitars (on track 4)
Klara Gripe - Vocals

Recording info Covered in Darkness
Recorded in Studio Scarecrow February 2007.
Produced by PNA
Mastered by PNA

Artwork Photographer - David Preissel
Model - Kay Morgan

About the EP
>Covered in Darkness is our tribute to some of the bands and songs that made us discover new aspects of music and thus have influenced the sound of Netherbird. We have intentionally chosen to cover tunes that sound a little (and some even more) different from Netherbird and the music we do. The reason is simple; if we would have covered something akin to our own sound we would only make a copy and we prefer to create something new, to try some new angle and perhaps also make more people discover some songs they might have otherwise missed out on. Take these recodings for what they are: music.

We hope you will enjoy them, and that they also serves to let you in on the broad spectra of sounds that make up Netherbird. Our influences go deep, and they go broad.