Released on the 12th August 2007.

This EP was recorded during spring 2007 and is the third release from Netherbird.

1. Adrift on the sea of misery
2. Lighthouse Eternal (Laterna Magika)
3. Hidden Beneath flesh pest ridden
4. Beauty of Bones
5. Forever Mournful
6. Adrift towards eternity

Line up  
Nephente - Vocals
Bizmark - Guitars, keyboards, piano and chant
Adrian Erlandsson - Drums
Valkyria - Bass
Klara Gripe - Vocals and choir
Nord - Choir
Atvia - Chant

Recording info Lighthouse Eternal
Recorded in studio Fredman and Scarecrow Studios in Sweden during spring and early summer 2007.
Produced by PNA and Johan Nordin
Mastered by PNA

Cover artwork
Models: about 4000 friends from myspace
Lighthouse artwork: Scarlett1313
Layout: Nephente

Artwork details:
Artwork as PDF

Hi resolution zoom for better view of faces:
Lyric spread
Inlay (tray)

About the ep
So many of us feel like lost ships on a vast sea of confusion. We lack destination and have no hope of ever reaching a shore we can call home.

Lighthouse Eternal (Laterna Magika) is our tribute to the lost birds who call Netherbird a safe haven. We would be nothing without you. Together we make this journey across unknown waters a less painful one.