Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

No stellar flames
No stars in their final fiery rapture
Could match this my inferno

Some creatures roam this world wide aflame
Some of us destined to forever blaze
Some of us were never quite capable
Some of us were never quite able

To harness our flames
To tame our furnace
To confine our flares
Alit, afire, ablaze

Ages have passed and the fire still burns
The wheels of time have spun
We have seen the dawn of so many an age
We have kept aflame through the changes

Feed our flames
Fear our flames
Flee our flames
Feel our flames

The fire I carry, this inferno I am
will consume me and all I touch
I burn and my flames will engulf your world
And I will consume you

The fire I am, of horrendous scope
And so scorching is my heat
These flames will devour me
They will burn thee and end everything



This furnace I am
Engulfs all that I touch
All that I see
All that I feel

Let it be heard I never asked to burn in a world benighted
As all beacons I lead the weary astray
Yet I sought to lead the way
I am the fire