Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

The fading luminance
These cracking façades
Nails dig so deep
As reason breaks away

Horrendous this curse bestowed upon me
Contrasting the beauty that used to be
So devastating is the loss of life’s melody

High above the radiance is gone
The transmission has finally come to an end
A whitenoise sky in overdrive
An existence in monochrome
A whitenoise sky in overdrive
In grey I bathe beneath the dome

Life noir
This is a black dying star
Life noir
In the end we will all know who we are
Life noir
Bleak skies to reveal the scars
Life noir

With all colours paling
And contrasts fading
The desertion of all meaning
So useless and demeaning
With the demise of dreams
Everything is what it seems
The pointlessness of being
The loss of visions for the seeing

Monochrome is my soul
Grey, grey, grey, grey!

Tired hands let the cards rest
And the ink slowly dries to dust
A weary heart loses it rhythm
Devastating the loss of existence melody
Such a subtle shift
To tear away the mind from the flesh

There can be nothing worse
Nothing more foul,
Nothing more perverse
Than to finally grasp it all,
and find it absurd

The grand play lost a character
The script leapt another way
With the whitenoise sky as his only witness
He was cast away
Far away!