Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

Distant apparitions
Panacea divine
Perils and sorrows
My all for a sight

In pursuit of the light
Or phantasms in vain
Uneven my course
But certain the pain

All of those nights and days
Doubt as my sole consort
Infinite long my journey
We walk alone

Summers and winters pass
Through snow and across the seas
Endless the path I wander
To the silvan shrine

Cede did all my anger
Cede did all my hurt
Cede did all desire
In wood, in dirt

As stillness fell again
And silence spoke anew
Echoes of truths
From aeons ago
In the silvan arms I rose
With earth as my throne
Past the woodland spires
Towards the sky

Traversing the endless
I find myself renewed
In dark ancient waters
My reflection so true

The grander perspective
A cathedral of leaves
A deeper sense of purpose
And to offer my dream

All of those nights and days
Carving my voyage grand
Infinite long my journey
I walk alone


I march on