Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Nord & Bizmark

In the year of 1859
Born was a shadow of light
In garden where the darkness grew
In the garden of sophisticated lies

In the realm of ever-reigning gloom
Where the gardeners trimmed the vines
Born was a shadow and regal he grew
A majestic silhouette to dim their night

Oh, dark was the carpet woven
Flawed was their perfect design
A tapestry destined to be torn
One truth and their kingdom was no more

A shadow in the garden of darkness
One of a light as dark as the heart of the night
A shadow born in the garden of lies
One of a light as dark as the heart of the night
Their garden was of such a delightful darkness
Such a relief for eyes that never wanted to see
And the less they saw, the more they believed
A shadow in the garden of darkness!

An empire of eternal lies
By the flare of a thought watch it ignite the skyline
An aeon of enslavement and strife
Like bonfires temple flames lick the night sky


There can be nothing darker
Than a night presented to be the day
There can be nothing fouler
Than the lie in the guise of truth

The truth