Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

Have you ever doubted
The limits of who we are?
Have you ever transcended
Into what some of us are?

You’re a story unread
I shall read you word by word
Your beauty will come alive
Alit by abysmal fire

In the gardens of man we shall thrive
Oh we bring beauty to a world of stone
In neon Babylon we shall flourish
We are the wicked, we are the depraved

Have you heard the call, the abysmal allure
Of flesh and lust and hunger in a sinful embrace
Have you heard the roar, the abysmal allure
As limbs and bodies thrash, in depravity unite
In pursuit of pleasure
In challenge of your barriers
Your beauty comes alive
Alit by abysmal fire


Across every border, I will force every gate once barred shut
Oh I shall have every dark hidden corner
explored through my flesh poetry

Oh be my canvas in this my bestial artistry
And be my colours, my brush, my carnal muse, my lust
And where we go, others can only follow
To where fires roar and wicked angels soar, for us all