Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

Unloved the sun settles slowly
Upon this my realm where all colours have fled
Storms looming the bleak horizon
Black thunder draws close as I fall

I remember my blood aflame
A feverish dream from which I fell asleep
I could hear how the mountains sing
So evident and true, of balance and symmetry

My ashen skin falls like snow
Searing the flames of a truth so pure
Bare blood-soaked feet
Illusion fades and enchantment takes its place

Rise to awake from slumber
Aflame like an evening sky
Evolved, at one with all
Now I see what was always so obscure

Never there shall be one to whom I bow

From the slumber revived
Awakening dawn, opening eyes
A world clear, blooming as spring
Evident and lustrous, bursting with life
All past lies are cleansed
Only tomorrow and now still remain
Walking along the colonnades
Under the sun
New gods come alive

I was awake, but within a dream
I was aware, but only of shadows’ play
I am reborn, I am renewed
I am the purest seed of vision
Walking along the colonnades
As if for the first time, I face the sun


Footsteps dark and old, giants walked before me
Statues of perfection, monuments of inspiration to me
Never there shall be one to whom I bow