Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

My shores are rugged
I am of the unfertile soils
So harsh and bold my spirit
My children born defiant

Amend, restore what liars crushed
Reason shall conquer and prevail

Throughout the ages, come war, plague and death
I never faltered, no, never did I bend

We’re born defiant, through fire, ice and snow
No vain denial shall ever dim these eyes
We’re born defiant, we are the spirits free
No weak denial shall ever chain these souls to sleep

I can tell a thousand lies for what they are
Endure a thousand years and never yield
I can host any kin and kind, and every creed
but those that poison people and turn them into sheep

Under burning skies, my vengeful children strike
Their towers shall sway and fall into darkness
Through the barred gates, swarm their halls
A hammer swung at those that stole

Intellect shall triumph
Thoughts not prayers lead the way

Throughout the ages, come war, plague and death
We never faltered, no, never did we bend


I am a land they could never tame
These words are proof that they failed, ignorance begone
They call it heathen, I call it free
They call it Norse blasphemy, I call it me

I am a land they could not understand
Where minds are harder to darken, reason’s bastion
They call it evil, I call it free
I call it man over god
I call it me