Lyrics: Nephente, Music: Bizmark

The fire seemed forgotten
Though embers always glowed
As winds sang my name
I’ve always felt I had to go

Where elders walked before me
Beyond the realm of snow
To a place my heart is longing
I was born a windward soul

Beyond lands of shadows
To where the rivers meet raging seas
Beyond the trees and meadows
The vast has called for me

Windward spirit
Imperial state of mind
The wayward walker
Leaving the grasp of time

Windward spirits
Above the seas and fields
The wayward walkers
Ferocious we leave

Waywards, windwards
Forever onwards

To leave what’s familiar
Where dust has set on idle stone
Go and find your ocean
In the black unknown


Come feel what they couldn’t feel
And see what they couldn’t see
Old truths are only beliefs
Become what they could never be

So rise from every fall
Facing the wind, my wayward one
Be true, scarred and strong
I know your journey’s just begun

My windward one