Logo artist who crafted the Netherbird logo

Who is Christophe? Tell something about yourself?
Hello, I am the author of some very important logos like Emperor, Moonspell (old), Enthroned and a totally dedicated individual to the underground. Always very busy, i am happy to help with some art as long as the request is serious and the person behind it is loyal. I come from Belgium but recently moved again in Exeter where currently work (two part times, including my logo artwork, i recently took my art to a higher level and i feel proud of it).

What is your inspiration when you do your art? Can you describe your style?
Mostly nature but also states of anger and despair, sadness. Oppression and people who've been upsetting me. they are a real source of inspiration. I really would like to qualify my style as ariegated, independant and going in many possible direction. Simply pushing my limits further and further, every logo i do is a challenge...to a new dimention.

Tell someting about the Netherbird logo". What is its title and what does it symbolize for you?
The Netherbird was in my idea to have the Bird from the netherworld, could be a raven or an eagle, so i defined the Netherbird as an intermediate between both, rising like the phoenix from the flames of the netherworlds. And the shapes of the letters reminds Netherbird remains an extreme yet original METAL band.

Anything else you would like to tell the people that visit Netherbird.com?
Just have a look on my gallery, https://www.facebook.com/christophe.szpajdel (updated to Facebook, original reference to Myspace). Everyone is welcome to keep an eye on the new artworks i am doing. I'd like to extend my greetings to everyone i ve been in contact with throughout the last decade. you know who you are. Metallic regards!